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Candle Care Accessory Kit

Candle Care Accessory Kit

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  • Matte Black
  • Rose Gold

Comes With:

  • Sleek Black Box
  • All Stainless Steel Tools
  • 1 Wood Wick Trimmer (works on cotton wicks too)
  • 1 Flame Snuffer
  • 1 Wax Digger
  • 1 Tray


Box: 9.5” x 4.5” x 1.5”

More Info:

Use the trimmer to keep your wick no more than .25” long. This ensures you keep a good size flame for getting to most out of your candle. Use the wax digger to remove wax from around the wick or the edges of the candle as needed. Use the snuffer to extinguish your flame safely and without smoke. Use the tray to hold all of your stainless steel tools in one place, or set your candle on. The box allows for easy and elegant gifting or traveling. Enjoy! 



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